Dr. Christopher Reardon

Dr. Reardon is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at DU and the founder/ director of the ARISE Lab.  His research interests include human-robot teaming, cognition, perception, and interaction.

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Kai Velagapudi

Kai Velagapudi is a masters student at the computer science department at The University of Denver. She received undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from DU. She is a graduate research assistant in the ARISE Lab.

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Ori Miller

Ori Miller is a student at the University of Denver studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship Management. He is an undergraduate research assistant in the ARISE Lab.

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Khai Lai

Khai Lai is a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Denver. He is interested in basketball, AI, and just coding cool projects in general. "I will become a multimillionaire by 30, you saw it here first."

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